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A Creative Communication Consortium:

A team of broadcast/communication executives, McWho Media and Associates (MWMA), was founded to support personal and professional interactions. Operating under the premise that effective marketing and public relations should be based on relationship development, MWMA provides the following services:

Communication Fundamentals:

-Business Presentation, Public Speaking and Communication Workshops

-Communication Plans and Implementation using our exclusive B.I.T.™ Marketing (B.I.T. Marketing focuses on the implications of Brand,  Image and Target.)

-Specialized marketing to Women and Children  

-Corporate Team Building and Events

 Specialized Consulting Initiatives:

-Broadcast: Talent training, music methodology, effective creative development, ratings realities and staff functions

-Marketing: Personality and perception studies, interpretive skills, target specifics and creative development

-Public Relations: Relational studies, press release prep, crisis control, copy directives and client relations.